Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So...it's been a while...

The more astute of you out there may have noticed that I kinda whelched a little bit on the whole notion of "one update per city" over my trip. This can be attributed to having far too much fun to be entirely fussed about finding my way to a laptop...I do apologise for the inconvenience, I was merely having the time of my life!

I last left you in Mykonos, it was stunning..I thoroughly suggest you all visit immediately! However much has happened since Mykonos, we parted ways with Tiffany in a rather dramatic manner, we saw the cobbled streets of Italy, the museums of Austria, the parties in Denmark, the family and the rolling country side of Devon, England, the pubs of Ireland and the mountains of Switzerland. We experienced far too much to tell just now and attempting it here would do it no justice, infact I fear I would honestly be a bit silly to try. So instead I bring you to what I am currently facing. I find myself working yet again at the university, I have been lucky enough to find employment until the end of March which is thrilling for both my bank account and my sanity as it is slowly but surely paying off my travel debt! Horah!

In other news I have once again changed my mind on what course my future will take. I am finally taking steps to open my own venue...as of January 2012 there will be a space in melbourne that I can call my very own where I shall feel free to revel in my creativity and obsession with girly crafty goodies while making money..what a treat..details will be listed shortly..mostly I just felt super guilty for the lack of touching base for over 5 months...that and the fact that my mother has been gently harassing me to continue writing because she finds it ever so novel.

Anyfor, for the moment at least

Yours Sincerely,

Katherine Elizabeth

Sunday, July 11, 2010

So..what did you think of Athens?

You would be so surprised how many people of the islands have asked us this question, unfortunatley the responses have not always been so kind. Words like “dirty”, “touristy” and “cats..millions and millions of cats” usually pop to mind.
Don’t get me wrong we have been privilaged enough to see some of Europe’s most magnificant sights in the first few days of our adventure, it’s just that walking from one to the next makes you want to take a long, hot shower! It seems that the former title holder of “Worlds most livable city” has taken a slight down turn, homelessness is as common as french smokers and it isn’t at all an oddity to see puppies and kittens running around the streets because they grew to big for the pet shops to keep.

All this being said Athens has done a spectaular job at securing a bustling tourism industry. There are heaps of offers going around for travellers on a budget, I really recommend talking to hotel/hostel staff because they can clue you in on the big deals. If ruins are your thing than you cant go past the 12 Euro multi pass. This will get you into most of the major ruins like The Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zues, Hadrian’s Library and The Agoras. Some things aren’t included in this ticket though so make sure you keep around 10 Euro spare for extra ticket prices. The Panethanaic Stadium will sting you 5 Euro but the cost is well worth it as it includes a really interesting audio tour, without which we would have been in and out in 10 minutes! Also if you have the afternoon to kill definitely check out the Acropolis Museum, for another 5 Euro. If you are a student then make sure to bring your student card, they honour all countries, they don’t ask questions and it usually cuts your ticket prices in half!

In regards to eating and drinking in Athens most of the gems are hidden. If you are in a big group then you can usually find a table at most of the taverns around the acropolis as they seem to cater for the majority of the tourists. Most places start serving tea around 6pm. The real winner though is this tiny little hidey hole. If you keep the Athens flea market to your back, the Acropolis in front of you and Hardian’s library to your left you will eventually find a picturesque stair case climbing the mountain, with a canapy of grape vines alit with lanterns. Restaurants line either side of the staircase with tables spilling out onto the path. Most people in the hospitality industry speak englis to cater for travellers but this places begins to steer away from it, if you are adept with make-shift sign language than this places is for you…a business card is floating around my backpack somewhere..i will give a proper shout out with the address in my next blog. Bars in Athens seem few and far between, if you are in a large group I say go nuts and have a decent search amongst the back streets, but I seriously think that if you are a female travelling alone, give it a skip and wait for the islands. Most hotels in Athens have rooftop bars anyway and you can meet some lovely people there just as easily.

At the moment I am sitting on the front porch of the hotel in Mykonos which I will go further into in the next edition, it will all have to wait until then because the other three are waiting very patiently for me to hurry the hell up!

Yours Sincerely,

Katherine Elizabeth

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The wait is almost over!

After what feels like years of waiting (somewhat impatiently) I now prepare to take on the world, for it is but 15 sleeps until I board the plane that will take me to my destiny.

Any by destiny I mean beer, pretzels, beaches, shopping, dirty youth hostels and stunning marketplaces.

I tackle this challenge in a slightly changed mindset to that of a week ago after facing some harsh realities this week. However after a lovely 24 hours I am ready and raring to go! So get set for less of the tedious and more of the titillating as I bring you stories from afar, magical stories with names like:

"Oh shit..where's my passport?"

"Uh oh..I don't think that was Ouzo!"

and my personal favourite..

"Did that Russian just impregnate you on the dance floor?"

So stay tuned for the ups and downs of last minute packing, and bit by bit references to how the four of us are coping..that being said.. I shall now introduce you to my travel companions:

1. Shrimpy - let his nickname not deter you from the ginormous size of his personality...warned he will win you over with his infectious laughter..try not to refrain its easier and much more fun!

2. Gez - this Aussie Adonis is bound to cause some issues on the beaches of Mykonos! Hello ladies! ..Hello boys?? it is Mykonos after all...

3. Tiffany - glamorously nick named after one of her many obsessions she is our Parisian beauty and language life line being the only one of us intelligent enough to speak a second language.

Now with code names issued (totally non-returnable sorry guys!) we begin this "journey"...damn reality television for making me hate that word forever!!


Katherine Elizabeth

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sniffles ahoy!

A wondrous day is today..the air is crisp the sky is pearly and the germs of Melbourne's young and old alike are floating down the city streets like the giant oozing black thing from "The Blob". For today is the first day of June,Winter and Hell.

I came home from work last night with my body sreeching at me to fix all sorts of different symptoms, it was as if my entire being had sensed the coming season and decided to prepare the night before, for the exam on headaches, puffy eyes and sneezing on public transport with only one used tissue on hand was not one that it wanted to fail. Note to body - You passed with flying colours, congratulations, your father and I are so proud...*grumble*

So now after a second day of scratchy throats, and pounding heads I sit at home in my most comfortable of comfy clothes with my laptop on my lap (the inventors of that name truly were blessed with the gift of insight) praying that the third litre of water I drink today will be the last because keeping my fluids up in order to stay fighting fit really is a pain...in the bladder...

Tomorrow I will head back into the office (PS I'm back at RMIT now and loving it) and attempt to stay away from everyone...period. I will borrow (without knowledge) a bottle of hand sanitizer from the kitchen and escape into the world feeling superior and smelling slightly of disinfectant.

Until next time, please cover your mouth when you cough, throw used tissues in the bin and say "bless you" when a stranger sneezes on the train..it makes them smile.


Katherine Elizabeth

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Up too late once more...

Last night I had one of those horrible "awake" nights. You know, the kind you get where no matter what the time is, how many books you have read, or how much you-tubing or facebook stalking you have done you still just cannot manage to feel sleepy? Well this was me last night. So around the 11:30pm mark I pop in disk 1 of Sex and the City season 6..always a winner, bound to make me snore in a heartbeat.

No luck.

Smashing through those episodes like a well rehearsed dance I finally insert the final disc all a flutter ready to watch the final episode..some thing about Carrie moving to Paris because her older "lover" Aleksander (a grumpy arrogant Russian artist for those uneducated)has a solo art exhibit there. woo hoo. entertainment at it's finest.

3am: Katherine Elizabeth is still awake...and not only awake but returning to the main menu in search for special features..come the frick on!

So today I awoke slightly groggy from a crappy sleep filled with dreams of unfulfilling story lines and Smith Jarred...Samantha Jones I blame you.

One thing that did catch my attention though was Carrie's annoying yet damn catchy way of ending every scene of her typing on her laptop in her apartment, framed by her window and I couldn't help but wonder, when it comes to life and over-budgeted American TV shows, when does our reality stop and there's begin?

That sentence had no valid point whatsoever except to illustrate the basic structure of Carrie's writing style, something hopefully already picked up on by the more devote SATC fans.

I won't lie ..I love it,when I am home sick it is my medicine, Dr. Phil can't help me with my problems and no matter how many chandeliers I am offered Oprah just can't get rid of my sniffles. But Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha...oh my, they do the job everytime. I'm sorry to those of you out there who were hoping I was an intelligent person with an actual life..I must dissapoint you, because like all other females over 15 and under 65 I will be lining up on May 28th to get my hit of what those crazy cats get up to next.

15 sleeps to go...


Katherine Elizabeth

Monday, May 10, 2010

Foolish disasters...

It has happened..your author has become a victim of alcohol related social misdeeds.

It all began with an innocent invitation to partake in a friends birthday celebrations.

"Oh what fun we shall have"
I thought as I began to mentally piece together my comfortable yet stylish winter night time outfits, assessing the appropriateness for the venue of choice.

I was seduced by the warm halogen lights in the bottle shop on my way to "pre-drinks", the shiny bottles glistened at me as if they were winking a skanky little nod of approval for my poor taste in beverages.

Upon arrival to pre-drinks I noticed I was already entering that unfamiliar town of the drunkard east donnie. The breaking of an oven door (not by me) only minutes after I had my first slice of pizza secured the tone of the evening on all accounts. So off to the city we trot for a night of "well mannered frivolity"..? Not quite Professor McGonagal, not quite.

How I momentarily relished in being hit on by 4 different strangers. The novelty however soon wore off once and I began to remember why I detested being single back when. Although I will make note that much to my happiness and I'm sure the happiness of females around the world that PICK UP LINES ARE DEAD! woo wooooooo! yeah! Now it appears the common style to just randomly dance up to a girl while making odd tribal grunting noises? I won't lie, at one point I was seriously close to turning around and having a beyonce-esque booty shaking seizure right up on one of them just for shits and giggles...I restrained...bummer though in hindsight, I'm sure it would have been awesome.

So far too many drinks later after a few hours of rekindling old high schools friendships a tad more firmly through the art dancing and butch chanting and cheering for shots I make my way home...via Swan street (alone) via Polly's via taxi ride with three angels.

The true disgrace is yet to come. Mothers day the next morning? "So what?" I think to myself "I'll totally be fine by then!"n

Suffice to say I was not in the slightest bit fine..Sorry for the early morning present Mum..I'm sure it really brightened your day! Amidst a sea of foggy memories of the night before I cling to one in particular which comes attached to the title of "total humiliation" ...but I shall save that conversation for another day!

With a much smaller headache than yesterday I leave you,


Katherine Elizabeth

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This last week..

It has definitely been an interesting one..as noted in my last post I graduated...very exciting indeed. I have also come to terms with my saving (or lack thereof) for my trip, made positive movements towards my brand spankin' new website and most unfortunately spent hours at the John Fawkner Hospital. My Nonna has been really sick..as in "lost 8 pints of blood" sick and the whole family rallied together to sit around feeling anxious for a while. But never fear all is well...she is stirring fit and back to her sassy old self! Recovery will be slow but she is a firecracker who will no doubt be giving it back to the nurses in no time..which explains my lack of updates quite sufficiently I think..

At the moment I am reading the most amazing of books..My friend Emily has been writing a novel and if it isn't just that! I feel so fancy reading a book that a friend has written..it inspires my little fingers to get on typing! She will most definitely be making oodles of dollars from her little brain child someday very soon which makes me smile big-lots

Another thing that made me smile huuuuuge was a lovely little sundress I purchased the other day..oh so cute, I intend to wear it while strolling through the cobble stoned streets of Paris.

This evening I am trotting over to one of my travel buddies "crib" to "hang"..there have been some interesting developments including big issues and little tanties...or big tanties over little issues...much the same really...yet off I go ..involving my self in other peoples problems as I so often do whilst attempting to fix things...when will I learn...your nose won't get bitten off if you don't shove it in there in the first place!

I really am so unwise...I'm sure I will start to appreciate the severity of my unwise-ness over time...what a dull and un-fulfilling post for you to read...oh well...ner ner! It's all I have in me today.

Until next time...which I presume at the moment to be tomorrow,


Katherine Elizabeth