Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So...it's been a while...

The more astute of you out there may have noticed that I kinda whelched a little bit on the whole notion of "one update per city" over my trip. This can be attributed to having far too much fun to be entirely fussed about finding my way to a laptop...I do apologise for the inconvenience, I was merely having the time of my life!

I last left you in Mykonos, it was stunning..I thoroughly suggest you all visit immediately! However much has happened since Mykonos, we parted ways with Tiffany in a rather dramatic manner, we saw the cobbled streets of Italy, the museums of Austria, the parties in Denmark, the family and the rolling country side of Devon, England, the pubs of Ireland and the mountains of Switzerland. We experienced far too much to tell just now and attempting it here would do it no justice, infact I fear I would honestly be a bit silly to try. So instead I bring you to what I am currently facing. I find myself working yet again at the university, I have been lucky enough to find employment until the end of March which is thrilling for both my bank account and my sanity as it is slowly but surely paying off my travel debt! Horah!

In other news I have once again changed my mind on what course my future will take. I am finally taking steps to open my own venue...as of January 2012 there will be a space in melbourne that I can call my very own where I shall feel free to revel in my creativity and obsession with girly crafty goodies while making money..what a treat..details will be listed shortly..mostly I just felt super guilty for the lack of touching base for over 5 months...that and the fact that my mother has been gently harassing me to continue writing because she finds it ever so novel.

Anyfor, for the moment at least

Yours Sincerely,

Katherine Elizabeth

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